Saturday 19 January 2013

the suitcase challenge - day 2

Sportsgirl tank, Zara harem pants and bag

Harem pants - love it or hate it?

Personally, I love it. I love the draping, ease and absolute comfort of wearing it, not to mention versatility. Depending on the colour, print and cut, of course. It keeps you decently covered yet at the same time remains cool and breathable - a handy alternative to jeans in hot and humid weather. So here I've paired it with the simplest of tanks and a punchy red bag for the day. 

Brunch was at a lovely restaurant (took a break from the street food) where we had a little hands-on session, making our own rice paper rolls with an assortment of fillings, followed by a tasting dish of Vietnamese desserts. 

Fingers and toes crossed for decent weather in Hoi An tomorrow! x

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  1. i dont normally like harem pants (which i call poop catchers...) but these are beautiful and they look amazing. the print and the draping really suits you. pretty :)


  2. Love this outfit!! You look so chic! xx danii


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