Thursday 31 January 2013


Lowry's Farm jumper, ASOS trumpet hem skirt, ASOS tights, Topshop booties, Zara bag, bracelets from Viet markets

I spy with my little eye, six shades of red.

I love red for a little power-packed punch it gives to your outfit and to your day. I like my bright reds, and loved the deep, darker burgundy shades. Then almost overnight every other guy and girl out there was sporting a pair of maroon jeans (in Melbourne, at least) - it was overworn, I got bored of the colour, and we parted ways.

Truth be told, maroon is a gorgeous colour that is easily worn - great if you're colour-shy and taking the first steps towards wearing red. Slouchy is how I like my jumpers, this particular one from Lowry's Farm in Hong Kong, and skirts of the high-waisted variety take my fancy - not so much the bodycon body-hugging styles but ones like these that shape the waist yet retain a playful silhouette. Expand your repertoire of accessories to include coloured tights and beanies (personal fave), pop your favourite bright red lippie to go with your bag and a couple of tan 50cent bracelets to go with your footwear. I'm not sure how I managed to look colour-coordinated but I found these sitting in my suitcase so, here you go. Try it for yourself, but pretty please whatever you do steer away from maroon jeans; you can do better.

Day 9 of The Suitcase Challenge - done and dusted! x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. Your so pretty, and I love love your outfit!


    1. Aw thank you :) had a bit of fun playing with the colours so glad you like! x

  2. Nicole, I second you on the maroon jeans... it has a nasty 1970s taste to it... but you look lovely... I'm plus sized, but I'll find a way to mix and match the reds... thanks for the inspiration... Behlor


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