Wednesday 23 January 2013

the suitcase challenge day 5 - hoi an

ASOS blouse, Zara shorts, Missoni x Havaianas thongs

This floral on floral get-up might or might not have been inspired by these lovely women in Hoi An - in fact there were lots more of them clashing their prints in the most natural and oblivious sort of way that I found most intriguing and was quite delighted by! 

I don't think I'll ever tire of florals - as long as they keep varying in print, colour and material, and sheer florals (something that features a fair bit here) will only continue to inspire my outfits. This blouse with its floral collar and sheer shoulder and back panels easily caught my eye and pairing it with my favourite Zara shorties for a explosion of soft florals seemed fitting for yet another relaxed morning by the sea - before we headed off and were shocked back into the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

More on that soon - instagram knows where it's at x

Photos by Thomas Lo
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  1. That shirt is really awesome. And I love the title of "Suitcase Challenge." I struggle with this whenever I travel ahahah. But you are doing an inspirational job of it. =]

    1. Hope its of inspiration to your future travels! x

  2. Pretty pictures Nicole! :) :)

    That Asos blouse is a gem.

    accidental encounters

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